About Us



Thiel Partners is a uniquely dynamic and innovative accounting practice offering a quality range of professional services. 


Our people are highly regarded in industry circles and are clearly focused on the provision of personalised service. Our aim is to build solid relationships with all our clients so as to provide them with the best possible outcomes for all their respective needs.


Our clients comprise of a broad range of industry sectors, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals and family groups. We have particular expertise in servicing such clients with experienced advisors in a range of service specialisations.We aim to work collaboratively with our clients’ financial, legal and other professional advisors in order to achieve pragmatic and well balanced solutions.


We also assist clients in developing exciting business opportunities through business planning and strategic direction. Thiel Partners is dedicated to advising business’s all over Australia, in addition to assisting those who have already expanded overseas or are planning to do so in the future.


We invite you to meet our people and view the range of services that we can provide. Please do not hesitate to contact us in relation to your initial enquiry.